Blooming Marvelous

No enhancements needed!

24 May 2018

Early Bird

Closely checking a wedding photo we realised just what my little grandson was up too! No idea who girl in red is but she kept smiling for the photo

21 May 2018

Im Back In Charge!

As from Wednesday I’m back at the helm !

16 May 2018

Back To Earth

Pain free back in the land of the living despite being given and anti sickness drug on Wednesday that totally paralized me for 15 mins (panic all round) I’m now feeling loads better, just need to get my liver and pancreas back to normal now, missing everyone !

04 May 2018

Home Sweet Home

03 May 2018

Back From Procedure

Fingers crossed
Fingers crossed

Just arrived back from a painful stone extraction via endoscope so time will tell if it’s worked, no water for 2 hours no food for 4 hours

03 May 2018

Todays The Day

Taken it’s toll!
Taken it’s toll!

Woke up apprehensive this morning as I’m have a procedure to clear out missed stones in my bile duct, the apprehension made my blood pressure really low so eeeks hope they can still go ahead! I will know within 4 hours if it works or not !

03 May 2018

Happy Update

I’m not going crazy they have found stones lodged in my bile duct to my pancreas so hopefully have them removed Thursday morning

01 May 2018


Still waiting for pancreatic scan and in pain but morphine will kick in soon

01 May 2018

Still Waiting

Well it’s now 7.45pm so it looks like I

Won’t be getting a scan tonight, drat

30 April 2018


The staples are out and I’m on tramadol and morphine and awaiting an mri scan so I’m high as a kite hence wrong camera selfie lol

30 April 2018

Still Here

Boredom has kicked in! More endless waiting....

drug addict opposite and guy who lectures about WW2 And his brothers legs literally all night long... woe is me lol

29 April 2018

Slight Set Back

Back in A&E Bradford General with pain, looks like a long wait!

Staying in for scan tomorrow

27 April 2018

Day After

Hi folks feeling good apart from hiccups! And trapped wind but doctor has prescribed something for that .... a kite!

24 April 2018

Home ! Just sore and minus and infected gall bladder

23 April 2018


23 April 2018

5 Days To Go

Hi folks, just a reminder to anyone not at class this week that I go into hospital on Monday 23rd so no classes that week, should be back up and running the following week as per usual.

18 April 2018

Evening Class

Sorry to evening class having to cancel due to sudden pain at last minute after tea,

29 March 2018

Tricky Teaser!


Answers to

28 March 2018