Friday Class

I’ve had to close Friday class, I’m home but feel like my insides have been pummelled so it’s rest and no lifting today, hopefully all back to normal by Monday

11 January 2019

Back Home

Back home but fragile! I’ve been cut and dredged so it’s rest for a couple of days

10 January 2019


Post op
Post op

Ouch !

10 January 2019


Here we go again!

10 January 2019

Another Operation!

Hi Tuesdays class will start the 15th January because I have to have another pre op then an operation so Tuesday 8th is closed for the day also Thursday 10th all other classes should be unaffected

03 January 2019

Happy New Year

Hi folks and a Happy New Year Classes start on Thursday 3rd January looking forward to seeing you all.

01 January 2019

Normal Classes

Hiya classes are as per normal for now I’m seeing a surgeon in a week

19 November 2018

Sent Home

Ok didn’t get admitted to St James’s on Monday they tried sending me home at 2am but I sat it out until 7.30am no nearer to treatment. At moment one bowl of rice crispies and water = pain ☹️

13 November 2018

Back in Hospital!

Just waiting to be admitted to St James’s Hospital with a dilated common bile duct... watch this space

11 November 2018

Walk In Winkworth Aboretum


Found this fantastic seed head

04 November 2018

Autumn Light

Sun on trees
Sun on trees

The sun on the trees this morning was lovely

27 September 2018

Great North Art Show

Well worth a visit to Ripon Cathedral the Art is really good and lots of it.... above average

02 September 2018

Back To School


Hi folks just to let you know that daytime classes start on on the week of the 3rd September

31 August 2018

Kingfisher Lake Glamping

Want a cheap posh camping experience which is great for the kids or grandkids I recommend Kingfisher lake near Bridlington. It’s very clean and comfortable. There’s a lovely private lake with your own kayak and walks in the woods. The tents are floor boarded and have proper beds. A really enjoyable break and the kids loved the freedom.

24 August 2018

Almost Ready

New photos
New photos

Hi folks almost finished 200 new copyright free photos to inspire you !

20 August 2018

Storm Clouds

Northern Light
Northern Light

The clouds are gathering framed by my studio window

10 August 2018


I thought my tan was coming on until my granddaughter trumped me !

03 August 2018

Scary Return

Fire crews In attendance
Fire crews In attendance

We are back on home soil with a bit of a scare, one of the plane wheels was reported as smoking badly so fire crew had to attend and we had to remain in the aircraft with cabin crew on full alert in case we had to evacuate via slides, lucky they sorted it and we left normally

11 July 2018


Monday am blues
Monday am blues

To think I gave up my Monday class for this!

09 July 2018

30 degrees

Puerto Pollensa Mallorca

04 July 2018