Home ! Just sore and minus and infected gall bladder

23 April 2018


23 April 2018

5 Days To Go

Hi folks, just a reminder to anyone not at class this week that I go into hospital on Monday 23rd so no classes that week, should be back up and running the following week as per usual.

18 April 2018

Evening Class

Sorry to evening class having to cancel due to sudden pain at last minute after tea,

29 March 2018

Tricky Teaser!


Answers to howardcarlisle@yahoo.com

28 March 2018

Snow Leopard On Tv

 tonight on BBC2 – Mountain life at the extreme – following Snow Leopards. 

28 March 2018


Price increase on our watercolours they now range from £1.67/ £2.17 / £3.00 so I’m going to charge a flat rate of £2.00 and it should even itself out ( I otherwise I end up with loads of loose change )

24 February 2018

Amazing Nature

Butterfly’s wing mimicking an eye to confuse predictors

Photo by Kath Carlisle

22 February 2018

New Source Of Brushes

Pro Arte brushes have come to the rescue

22 February 2018

Breaking News

Oh no our supply of good cheap watercolour brushes has dried up because the Russian factory has gone bust.....

I’ve had to source other outlets so watch this space

28 January 2018

Amazing Sculpture

15 January 2018

Piglet Patterns

A trip to Cannon Hall Farm today found some pink piggy patterns !

31 December 2017

Another Walk

There’s so many interesting things in Guiseley/Esholt Woods, well worth an exploration.

26 December 2017

Winter Walk At Fountains Abbey

25 December 2017


Friday Class- Lillian is in hospital and still very poorly and undergoing tests I will add anything I know to this news page

26 November 2017

New Term

Hi I've been collection photos for the new term and I'm up to about 200 inspiring scenes. All classes start week starting 11th September, but there may be a slight disruption in first few weeks due to me having heart related tests at hospital, but don't worry in not going to croak it ! And I will inform any afffected classes if test coincidence. So looking forward to seeing you all x

02 September 2017


Paw Patrol Tower
Paw Patrol Tower

"Dad can you make a Paw Patrol Tower for your grandsons birthday on Friday" now that was a Challenge ! But it's done !

08 August 2017

Stripes Huh

17 July 2017